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Foot ReflexologyPlus

A Naturopathy

Foot ReflexologyPlus has a number of advantages in foot reflexology. The basis of Foot ReflexologyPlus combines Chinese and Western techniques and philosophies. In addition to the treatment of the reflex zones on the feet, the reflexology meridian points and acupuncture points along the lower leg are also included.

Foot reflexology has existed for centuries and originated in China. Long ago, people knew the relaxing and healing effects of massage of the reflex zones in the feet. Foot reflexology is a natural medicine. This means it relies on the self-healing ability of the body. The goal of treatment is therefore to stimulate the self-healing and self-protecting process using natural resources.

Foot reflexology works from the holistic human thought. According to the holistic philosophy, the human being is seen as a whole (body, mind and soul) and everything works together.